Meet The Team

Zazz Daniel

Founder ~ Facilitator

Health Listening Coach

Yes, I’m one of “those people” who know they have a specific purpose and are here to claim it.


I recognize I am here in service.

I have been a coach, virtually my whole life. Even as a young child, I recall how much I enjoyed mentoring other kids. As a late teen I got certified as a professional tennis instructor. My teaching and mentoring skills just shined. I recall a student saying that they wished they could have a tiny Zazz on the shoulder reminding and encouraging them.

I’m not in this field for accolades. My purpose is clear and specific. I’m here to remind others of the gifts they already have. My job is to help others see and shine their gifts and light. As I help others recognize and release their gifts, they become happier and the world is benefited. I’m here as a facilitator to bring your gifts into light.

I live in the cute little town of Arroyo Grande on the coast of central California. I have a fantastic and wonderful wife, Dove. We have three kitties that we ridiculously adore. I suspect there is some transference because of the fact that our kids are adults and living elsewhere. The kitties have no problem absorbing our excess (not reallyJ) desire to love.

I was first certified as a health coach in 2003. I have built my life around health and well-being. As important as physical health is, I recognize it as just one dimension in my life. I’ve learned that my health is directly connected throughout my life – emotional, relational, financial, and spiritual. I’ve learned that I cannot have peace in one area if I am not peaceful or balanced in other key areas. My quest is to continually create peace and be an expression of love.

My health is the barometer of my well-being. I know it is the barometer for everyone else as well. I committed my life to the exploration and practice of well-being. I’ve learned a great deal about how my body mind and spirit work together.

I look forward to being of service to your magnificent spirit. ~ Zazz

Tiffany West

Facilitator & Health Coach

 I'm here with a love! And I just love people! After several long years of overcoming my own health challenges, I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned to help others. I have suffered from many health challenges such as chronic chest pain, headaches, digestive discomfort, asthma, allergies, emotional distress, anxiety and more. After over five years of working with doctors and specialists who insisted that nothing wrong with me, I was finally diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the Manubriosternum joint and told that there was no cure for my extremely rare condition. I was then sent on my way with a lifetime prescription of pain meds. I asked myself in that moment if this was really considered a solution? My son has also been fighting his battle with chronic asthma, eczema and severe allergies from the age of two months old and the only solution has been daily steroid usage and antihistamines. These methods of treatment were highly effective in the moment and many times life saving. This did mask our symptoms for a short time, however it was not bringing long-term healing to me or my son.


          This is when I began to get really curious about traditional Western Medical practices. What is the true definition of Health Care? Although Western Medicine is very valuable in the health industry, it seemed to me it was primarily focused on “symptom care” and not the overall wellness of the whole person. I just wasn't convinced it was getting to the root cause of illness and disease nor providing a long term solution for improving health. So I decided to take responsibility for my own health and wellness. I refused to settle for a diagnosis, instead I chose to embrace a new way of thinking and living. I turned inward to God for divine guidance and direction to find that is where the magic had been all along!


          My inner voice told me that my diagnosis was NOT my destiny. I realized the power and untapped potential that had been hiding in my pain all along. I had a choice to either stay at war with my body and accept this as a life-long sentence or choose to listen to my body and discover my truth. So my passion to help others and become a Health Coach unfolded. My direction in life became crystal clear as I realized that I have a spiritual calling to use my experience to inspire others. Sharing an awareness of how powerful the mind-body connection truly is with the supernatural ability to reunite us with the healing ALREADY residing within us.


          My pain has been my greatest gift, a pathway to my divine purpose and my body’s way of getting my attention by drawing me deeper in …to myself. I was inspired to become a Certified Health Coach and create Interior Health Design LLC. I strategically coach and guide my clients in designing their own unique, optimal health from the inside out by simply tuning in to their own personal power for transformation and healing. I've learned that a toxic mindset over time will manifest as dis-ease in the body and in all other areas of our lives. It is my mission to walk my clients through a step-by-step process on how to shine light on unseemingly self-destructive habits and rediscover the bliss already within the body, mind and spirit.


Let's discover your bliss together and craft the perfect Wellness Roadmap for you!


Love Life & Live Well,


Tiffany West

Health Stylist

Interior Health Design LLC

Dr. Troy Smith

Wellness Program Director

Dr. Smith graduated from Western States Chiropractic College. He is well versed in low force, instrument, and manual techniques. He enjoys using a wide array of therapies from adjusting to nutrition. Dr. Smith is dedicated to providing professional and efficient office coverage as close as possible to the style and technique of the absent physician. He thoroughly enjoys meeting and working with many different types of patients and is passionate about providing the highest quality of effective and compassionate care. He speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys cycling, surfing, martial arts, basketball, running, and playing guitar.

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