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We offer individually - focused coaching. This intimate approach allows for addressing and peeling away subtle resistances that  impacts behavior  and, of course, health.
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"These programs stimulate a consistent march  towards greater health and vitality… While creating peace en route. A wonderful and powerful combination."  
Amanda Leath, California, USA
Our small groups are extraordinary. Powerful. Connecting. Effective. This is an environment where people flourish. For more information, click here.

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"Zazz and his team come from love. And the program is so practical. I go at my own pace and am excited about my progress."  Linda Loyd, California, USA

“Change was not easy for me. Zazz, Tiffany, and Dr. Troy created a safe and stimulating environment. My desire for health became greater than my resistance. Holly Yniguez, California, USA

“I've learned how I frequently deny what I already know. I'm developing a new habit of checking into what I already know. This program has been a powerful help to me."

Katie Peltzer Baldwin California, USA

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