Environments of Loving Kindness

We coach within an intentionally designed environment of loving kindness. This approach engages the practice of deep empathetic and reflective listening.


Extraordinary bonds grow as the process of deep compassionate listening is utilized. This creates a deep heart-connection with self...and others.  This supports a heightened sense of safety and connection and a clear path of continued and sustainable healing and renewed well-being.  

When someone is coming out of an illness or pain-filled situation, this approach gently guides them towards habits and practices that support their increasing health and well-being.

The container created through this experience is one of safety, security, non-judgement, and loving kindness. It's an environment where I felt like I could be my authentic self. Open, honest, vulnerable. It's a container that allows for transformation. It was exactly what I needed in my life, exactly when I needed it.
Amanda Leath, California, USA
The environment of Loving Kindness was just that, Loving and Kind.  It was compassionate and nurturing. I am being listened to but really heard. Praise is given freely but not in a way that makes you feel placated but seen - deeply seen. There is such a willingness to gently point out things that are not helping me thrive without judgement. The level of support is amazing.
 Katie Peltzer Baldwin, California, USA

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