Habit Change

Keys To Long-term Health and Vitality 

Real,Lasting change only occurs with consistent small steps over a period of time. It takes specific intent and a variety of support tools to empower and maintain the small changes that have long term impact on one's health.

The following are key learnings and practices that we utilize in support permanent shifts in habit:

Simple Routines

If something is feels easy, relatively brief, and indicates a sense of progress, new habits will grow.

 Empowered Proposals

Each week we assess the progress you have stated that you want to make and determine the next small steps that will determine  continuing progress. We break those down into specific and simple actions and offer them within these empowered proposals. You simply say yes or no. Either is 100% accepted. The key, of course, is that the individual is making a clear, powerful decision for themselves.

Language Awareness

Another critical component in shifting habits is the language we use. We create our experience with our commonly-used language. Often, our words are unconsciously or semi-consciously embedded with limits and negative anchors. Remarkably, we repeat and affirm these limits to ourselves and others on a consistent basis. The first step is awareness. We have a process that is incredibly effective at bringing to to awareness our chosen language filled with the programming that often negates our personal desires and health goals. More information can be found at our sister site: SpeakingandListening.US

Willingness to Receive

On the surface, this seems like an easy thing to do. However, we have witnessed over and over again how difficult many of us make it to receive compliments, support, functional assistance,. For whatever reason, we deny vital assistance. In order to shift, we must leave the door open and be willing to allow authentic support. This  also includes the spiritual dimension. Whatever beliefs or faith an individual has, allowing oneself to receive of the Divine is vital for habit change. 

Much of our habit patterns are energetic. Meaning, our brain and body have developed specific and consistent ways of approaching and reacting to elements in our life. Much of these reactions are beneath conscious awareness. We use a variety of tools to address this aspect. This includes EFT (tapping), anchoring, and mindful awareness. These tools are very powerful for interrupting less than healthy patterns and opening the door for new choices and healthier directions.

Energetic Re-patterning

Once again, this may seem simple or easy.  However, we have witnessed in many clients (and ourselves) -that there are many shades of self rejection. There is a huge cost of this self-defeating aspect. Complete and compassionate self-acceptance is a foundational component of habit change. If we are not willing to accept where we

are, we will stay stuck.

Compassionate Self-Acceptance

One does not need to meditate to practice mindful awareness.  It is simply the practice of paying attention to one's own thoughts and patterns. In order to change a habit, one must first become aware of it. This is the essence of mindful awareness.

Mindful Awareness

It is truly astounding to us how many people disregard their "Knowing." We are receiving a consistent flow of clear messages from our body mind as to what truly works for us. It is remarkably common to have the habit of ignoring  this knowing.  Every person has it. Most don't listen to it. We are experts at listening and reflecting back your own clarity - And reminding you that in many cases, you already have answers to key questions about your life. 

The Practice of Knowing

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