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90 Day Individual & Group Programs 

Categories & Sub-Categories of Core Content

  • Habit Change ~ Body/Mind Re-Patterning

    • How habits are formed and how to change them

    • Understanding and identifying our “programming”

    • Brain dynamics of habit

    • Rewiring the stress response - a new paradigm for your health

    • Habit strengthening proposals​

    • Habit change as a journey, not a destination

    • Mindful awareness practices

    • EFT (Tapping)

  • Radical Self-Acceptance ~ Return to Innocence

    • Remembering innocence

    • Noticing subtle (and overt) self-rejections​​​

    • The common lie of not enough-ness

    • Noticing the language of limits and subtle your OWN WORDS

    • Compassionate self acceptance

    • Acceptance of shadows and addictions

    • Recognizing and owning of ones' gifts

  • Self-Care

    • Creating FUN wherever you go (gas station, supermarket, etc)..really!

    • The enormous gift of fatigue​

    • The practice of the present

    • How to take great care of an insanely (at times) busy life

    • Allowing (indeed, practicing) the art of receiving (you know who you are!)

    • From drama to a dream: How to change the stories we tell

  • Curated Health Knowledge

    • Why diets don't work​

    • How diets change as you change

    • Personalized/customized ways to cleanse - from gentle to rigorous

    • Stress and digestion: an unholy couple

    • Pleasurable weight loss

    • How timing of meals can increase weight loss and energy

    • The true impact of stress on health

    • Clearing clutter -- essential for your health

  • Your Body as Ultimate Resource

    • Well beyond any book or authority, your body already holds all the answers,

    • How to use symptoms - such as craving or obsessive behavior around food as a amazing learning opportunity.

    • What foods give you energy, what foods don’t (seems like...d'uh!) But, oh, so much more information is available than meets the to speak.

    • Noticing the impact of blood sugar throughout your life

    • Rest and your mental health

All the topics below (plus quite a bit more) are in our wheelhouse to address. We'll curate (choose what is most appropriate and helpful) and share information designed specifically for each individual and/or group client.

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